Nail Enhancements

Full Set

Acrylic $43
Acrylic With Gel Polish $55
Ombre $65
Pink & White $65
Color Powder $60


Acrylic $32
Acrylic With Gel Polish $45
Color Powder $45 & Up


Dipping Powder $46
Dipping Powder With Tips $55
Dipping Powder French Style $55
With Old Dip Take-Off $6 Extra


Treat yourself to our basic professional nail treatment for a clean and classy look!
The package includes:
Nail trimming & shaping, cuticle care
Lotion massage
Polish of your choice
The gel polish dries instantly, protects your nails, and feels virtually weightless on your hands, and it stays flawless and shiny, providing long-lasting color (about 2 weeks).
The package includes:
Regular Manicure
Your choice of gel polish

Polish Change

Hands Regular Polish $15
Hands Gel Polish $25
Toes Regular Polish $17
Toes Gel Polish $28
With Old Gel Take-Off $5 Extra


If you're short on time but are desperate for a tidy-up and polish, an express pedicure is ideal, you can leave the spa with beautiful-looking toenails.
The package includes:
Nail trimming & shaping, cuticle care
Sugar scrub
Foot massage 
Hot towel
Callus Remover: +$5
Add Gel Polish: Extra $15
The rejuvenating treatment helps increase circulation and provides the ultimate relief for stress and aching muscles. This is the cleanest and most hygienic spa pedicure solution enriched with key ingredients to give feet the nutrition they need.
The package includes:
Sea Salt Soak to detox & deodorize the feet
Sugar Scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin
Mud Masque to deep cleanse impurities
Massage Butter to hydrate and soothe skin
Choice of your scent:
* Charcoal Powder Detox
* Eucalyptus Energy Boost
* Vitamins Recharge
* Green Tea Extract
* Ocean Refresh
* Mango Delight
* Olive Sensation
* Lemon Quench
* Lavender Relieve
Add Gel Polish: Extra $15
This purifying treatment promotes toxin release from the muscles, helps self-healing, softens the muscles, and takes away muscle spasms.
Step 1: Therapeutic Fizzy Tablet
- Eliminates foot odor and fungus.
-Softens the skin, conditions cuticles, nail whitening, and prepares the foot for treatment.
Step 2: Exfoliation Sugar Scrub
- Gently removes the dead skin while precious oils nourish it.
- Revives the skin by stimulating blood flow and leaves skin feeling extra soft.
Step 3: Purifying Clay Mask
- Draws out impurities and restores skin.
- Nourishes, relieves, disinfects, purifies, and revitalizes skin.
Step 4: Massage Lotion
- Helps to recondition skin prone to looseness.
- Replenishes and restores the energy of the skin.
-Strengthens the skin's natural moisture barrier, sealing in moisture and absorbing quickly.
Step 5: Restoration of Serum
- Deeply moisturizes and softens skin.
- Firms, hydrates, and replenishes skin.
- Detoxifies, refreshes and illuminates for clearer and younger-looking skin.
Choice of your scent:
* Hydrangeas - Sophisticated
* Chrysanthemum - Gorgeous
* Lotus - Delicate
* Jasmine Absolute
* Pink peony - Beautiful
* Lavender - Calm
* Lemongrass - Relieve
Add Gel Polish:  Extra $15
Replenish and revitalize your feet with our premium, luxurious Volcano Spa Pedicure that is designed to stimulate all your senses with beautiful, high-quality ingredients, providing an unforgettable experience. Carefully formulated steps in a box offer a fun "Volcano Eruption" that releases a luxury fragrance into the air, filling the room with a lovely aroma.
Detox Volcano Crystals & Detox Volcano Activator: To create an invigorating and detoxifying experience. Feel your worries slip away as the soak detoxifies and softens the skin.
A generous amount of sugar scrub and massage onto the skin to exfoliate.
Collagen Cream Mask & Collagen Massage Lotion penetrates deeply to moisturize the skin, leaving it silky and smooth throughout the day.
Hot stone
Choice of your scent:
* Tropical Citrus
* Lavender Eruption
* Romance
* Honey Pearl
Add Gel Polish: Extra $15
Made with organic Bamboo Charcoal ingredients, the Natural Pedicure helps remove dead skin cells for healthier cell growth, leaving your feet and legs feeling amazing. This purifying treatment promotes toxin release from the muscles, helps self-healing, softens the muscles, improves blood circulation, and reduces fine lines & wrinkles.
The package includes:
Pedi Bomb: Made with bamboo charcoal ingredients. Helps relaxation, improves blood circulation, and detoxifies harmful substances.
Natural Dry Flowers: Enhance your skin and mood.
Disposable SPA Kit: Sanitary & safe experience for clients
Heel Treatment: Break Down And Soften Callus in Seconds.
Sea Salt Exfoliation: Exfoliates all skin types from dry & aging to oily & sensitive.
Collagen Treatment: Rejuvenates the skin by deeply Moisturizing and boosting collagen production which eventually reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Collagen Cream: It contains the most important building blocks for elasticity. It promotes soft skin for a more youthful, radiant, and healthier glow.
Hot stone
Paraffin wax
Choice of your scent:
* Mother Of Pearl
* Peony Orchid
* Red Carpet
* Tea Party
* Melon Mango
Add Gel Polish: Extra $15

Additional Services

French Tip $5
Nail Repair $5 & Up
Nail Art Design $5 & Up
Special Shape $5 & Up
Length $5 & Up
Take-Off Only Gel $10
Take-Off Only Dip $15
Take-Off Only Acrylic $18

Kids Services

(For children who are under 10 years old)
Kids Pedicure $30
Kids Pedicure With Gel Polish $43
Kids Gel Polish On Hands $17
Kids Gel Polish On Toes $20
Kids Regular Polish On Hands $10
Kids Regular Polish On Toes $13


Eyebrows $15
Lips $8
Chin $10
Full Face $40
Underarms $20
Half Arms $30
Full Arms $50
Half Legs $40
Full Legs $65
Back $65