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Nails Club - top-rated nail salon in Bloomington, IN 47404

"  My daughter and I always go here and we love our nails! We get a full set by the gentleman and they're always beautiful and last a long time. The one time I had a problem - a small spot of my gel polish hadn't cured fully - I came in the next day and he fixed it right away, for free of course. "

(5/5 stars -  Sarah Milward)

"  Best pedicure I have gotten in a long time! She took her time and cut my nails short as I requested! And...they weren't busy so I was allowed to remain in the massage chair while they dried!! "

(5/5 stars -  Kim Maryfield)

"  They got me in for a appointment within an hour on a Sunday when most places are closed on Sundays.The place is super clean and nice.They are really nice and easy to understand.I will be coming back again💜💜 "

(5/5 stars -  Tracey Forrest)

"  Teo always makes my nails look Amazing and it make me feels pretty! He is always making jokes and humming or singing! I love his wife also she is so dang cute and sweet! All the employees are super efficient and good! Thank you NAIL CLUB! "

(5/5 stars -  Angie Duzan)

"  This was my first time at this nail salon and it didn’t disappoint! Teo did a wonderful job and took his time to make sure everything looked good. I called ahead and made an appointment and did not have to wait too long even though they were super busy. All of the staff were super friendly. I will definitely be back! "

(5/5 stars -  Tina Young)

"  Very relaxing.They did a great job. My feet were so soft & relaxed.Ilove the polish you pick what you like! The message was sooo nice. Can't wait for the next one! "

(5/5 stars -  Verna Cherry)

"  I’ve been here a few times and always found it relaxing and pleasant. Their practices are clean and safe and I don’t have anything negative to say about the staff. "

(5/5 stars -  Candee Drier)

"  This is my favorite place in town! I've been several other places, and T.O. is the best around! They're friendly, prompt, clean and do amazing work!! I highly recommend this little gem of a nail studio! "

(5/5 stars -  Emilee Wyatt)

"  I’m obsessed with Nail Club. It’s the best place in town to get your nails done, but especially on the west side. Today, I came in with just an idea of what color nails I wanted for my wedding, and Teo said “no, you need wedding nails.” And they are better than I could have imagined. Honestly I’ve been scared to do anything from Pinterest, because usually it’s a fail anywhere else you go. But Teo can make your Pinterest nails a reality! Also, my nails stay on for at least a week longer here than anywhere else and I use my hands a lot! 10/10 recommend. "

(5/5 stars -  Allison Waldridge)

"  Very professional and clean environment!! Friendly people but I was very shocked when I was told 103 dollars for a set of acrylic and a pedicure!! "

(5/5 stars -  Sheryl Lackey)

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